Reading From LitQuake, Lenore Kandel’s Poetry

I found these clips of my reading from the Litquake event a couple weeks ago in honor of Lenore Kandel. Lenore Kandel was an amazing female beat poet that I knew nothing of before Evan Karp, a fellow poet, and mind behind Quiet Lightning, invited me to read for Kat Engh and North Atlantic Books, (the publisher of the book I read from, “Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel.”) I felt honored to be able to read Kandel’s poems, because they really spoke to me, especially as they related to sex, life and meaning.

I feel like Evan Karp summed up my life and what I’m trying to do on this blog eloquently in a minute, so I’ll post that video first, and following is a video of my reading of three of Lenore Kandel’s poems. Don’t mind me, I just obscured my entire head with the book of her poetry. It was a ploy to make you think I was Lenore Kandel.



Additional readings of mine from previous events:

East Bay on the Brain, Not Quite Dateable
Lip Service West, Cough Syrup My Gateway Drug

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