You Will Be Judged. Dance Anyway.

Whatever you do, you will be judged.

Whether it is dancing, singing, loving, spinning around in circles, rest assured, you will be judged by someone, somewhere.

Walking down the street as a woman is a political act.

Walking down the street as a man is a political act.

In the end, money is not salvation.

In the end, career is not salvation.

In the end, art is a not capitalist commodity attached to an end.

In the end, there are systems in place that are not serving the human race.

In the end, it’s a rich versus poor mentality hanging us up, us versus them, the Shadow self in all of us showing its rage.

Do not engage with evil. Observe it.

Do not fight with petty minds. Observe them.

Do not argue your case over and over again.

Be you, no matter what that takes.

Whatever core honesty you have inside, whatever journey or mission you feel universe has given you.

This is yours.

It is not for anyone else to adopt, control, conform, take.

If your being inside is joy, then be joy.

Dance. Breathe. Play.

Let’s make the world a better place while it still lets us live on it.

Let’s give love to the nature that has created us.

Let’s uplift the consciousness that we have become.

Today is a day when shadow self rages alongside ideal self, in the human world.

We are in a position to save or destroy.

That is what is comes down to every day.

Children do not have clean water to drink, food to eat. Children are being exploited and sold into slavery.

What are you doing to make the world a better place?

What are you doing to help yourself and others?

The rest is just ego and noise.

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