Kyrsten Bean is a San Francisco native and artist.

Kyrsten Bean’s work includes published writing, music, and modeling. Kyrsten magically attracts amazing people and art wherever she goes, spending her money on healthy food, boutiques, art, travel and other musicians.

Kyrsten Bean, 2019

Kyrsten Bean currently contributes her writing to The New York Times, Oakland Magazine, The Music & Sound Retailer, Foreword Reviews, East Bay Express, and The East Bay Monthly.

She writes content and manages social media for company websites small to large, from Juno Fitness (now OKC Kettlebell Club) to

She has had her work published in Punk Globe, PoV Magazine, Gutter Eloquence, Penhead Press and many other publications. She has been interviewed by both Punk Globe and Foreword Reviews

On the music front, her last punk/metal project performed locally until Bridge Art Space was shut down for music rehearsals after the ghost ship fire. Her band, with Rob Cribley on drums and Ed Tarantino on bass, released their first EP No Moral Code on February 14, 2014. The band’s second EP Hybrid Vigor was released January 2016, with Biko Nigara on drums. They have released two official videos, links are below. 

She contributes music, including vocals, guitar and keyboards, to a variety of artistic compilations. Past work has included cult-classic psychedelic band Brainticket’s album Past, Present & Future and Nicky Garratt’s (UK Subs), Krautrock-music project Hedersleben, on the first album, Upgoer.

Kyrsten Bean has read creative non-fiction writing at Oakland and San Francisco literary events including Beast Crawl, Litquake, Lip Service West, Bay Area Generations, Writing Without Walls, and East Bay on the Brain.

Kyrsten Bean is a strong advocate of female sexual empowerment, civil rights, women’s rights, black lives matter, sustainability, social justice, racial justice, and proper pain management for chronic pain patients. 

Currently she is working on her first series of full-length poetry books and a short novel for a YA audience. Projected date is June 2018. 

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