From Here on Out


Some changes around here, folks. I created this platform many, many years ago, when I felt very blocked. It was at that time called The Stifled Artist. I can’t even say the name without cringing. I thought for a long time of changing it, once I felt like I was able to express myself in the world in a satisfactory fashion again, but nothing came to mind.

I’ve been on a journey of self-embodiment and healing that has been pretty remarkable to me and to the others around me. Through it, I’ve learned how to be a more confident musician, writer and artist in general, and I want to share some of this process with you–because I am passionate about helping through music and words, and it helps me to help you, if you want these pep talks and value my perception of the world, which many of you have told me you do!

Therefore, from here on out, we will go by the name The Uninhibited Artist. Because what I’m about is removing barriers and getting my work out into the world, as I’m sure you are too. And to know what your work is, you have to be in tune with what your values, hopes and goals are, otherwise you end up floundering in the middle of the ocean with one paddle, spinning your ass in circles.

I’m not sure what will manifest on this blog from here on out. I know my rants were helpful to myself and many others. I took a hiatus and now I’m back, and it’s up to both of us what manifest. You, my reader, can offer me perspectives I may have missed, and maybe I can offer philosophical or emotional insights you haven’t considered while going about your work or trying to unblock it.

Anyhow, salut. Thanks for reading!

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