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You Will Be Judged. Dance Anyway.

Whatever you do, you will be judged. Whether it is dancing, singing, loving, spinning around in circles, rest assured, you will be judged by someone, somewhere. Walking down the street as a woman is a political act. Walking down the street as a man is a political act. In the end, money is not salvation. …

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Waiting (Part 2)

How much of our lives DO we spend waiting? The photo above is from a photographer named Steve McCurry (if you click on the photograph, you will wind up on his blog). In my last post, I was going off about how I’m not going to wait anymore. But pondering on that statement, I think …

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A lot of my life up until this year was spent waiting for my life to happen. It wasn’t until I started going to dharma punx in the city and also randomly met a super tall hippie dude who said he used to live in Hawaii where he dressed in a mumu, was so tan …

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