Bitchez Brew, Tonight

Yea, yea, I shoulda posted this sooner. I’m reading tonight in Oakland. Poetry this time. I rant about poetry and what it means to me in a post I wrote over a year ago called Taking Back Poetry: Obscurity is Not a Stamp of Awful. I kinda forgot all I felt about poetry until I was looking through the poems I’m gonna be reading tonight, and I realized they had gotten me through some rough, rough times. Reading them will be cathartic. It’s like a full circle of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come since I penned the majority of these.

My friend Joel Landmine will be reading, too, and he’s real good. Makes me a little jealous watching a video of him reading, actually. He’s that good.

Era Art Bar in Oakland 6:30pm. Bitchez Brew. Tonight.

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