5 Signs You Are A Modern-Day Musician


1. You’re in more than one band or project at the same time.
Do you find yourself constantly consulting a calendar so that you can squeeze in another band practice? While you’ve got four band projects going, do you get asked to take on an additional band project and say yes because THIS project might be the big one? Do you find yourself on multiple email lists or text clusters with various groups of musicians you call band mates trying to once again negotiate the details of the same weekly practices you’ve been negotiating every week for a year due to everyone having various work/life schedules? You might be a modern-day musician.

2. You work a day job for less than you’re worth in order to balance band practices/shows and tours.

Do you find yourself spending another day staring at the cottage cheese ceiling at your day job wondering why a talented mofo like you is spending so much time for so little money doing something they don’t even like to do? Do you have to constantly remind yourself that you CHOSE this job so that you could dedicate the majority of your time to music? Do you stare at your bedroom with the mattress on the floor and thrift store clothes all over the place, eating another bowl of beans and rice in front of your keyboard bench which doubles as a table for your outdated laptop? You might be a modern-day musician.

3. You have no consistent love life.
Do you find yourself put out by how quickly your friends are hooking up? Do you stare at photos of your married friends and feel a slight twinge of doubt about your life’s path? Do you find yourself so busy with work and band practices and eating rice and beans that you consider hooking up with one of your multiple band mates just for the convenience of the matter, but remember the cardinal no-no of bands just as you find your band mate making moonie eyes at you and look away? You might be a modern-day musician.

4. The thought of actually going on tour excites and horrifies you at the same time.

Do you kind of dread the go ahead to tour from your band mates/manager/band leader because you know it means quitting your job, eating more rice and beans, cramming into a van with your smelly band mates, schlepping gear and playing in small clubs/houses/coffee shops day after day? Do you also get thrilled at the idea of random discoveries, playing music every night, serendipitous encounters, all the new people you’ll meet and being able to say to people, “I’m going on tour in the fall?” You might be a modern-day musician.

5. You play bills that include two or more of your bands.

Are you the bass player in one band and keyboardist in another? Do you sing backup vocals and play guitar for one project and main vocals for the second? Do your bands books shows with each other and go on tour together, making it so you end up playing back to back every night you play out? Does this seem normal to you? You are most likely a modern-day musician.

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